School Leaders

Congratulations to our 2023 School Leaders!

These leaders have been chosen by their peers based on their leadership skills and ability to use the learning powers in all that they do, and we know that they will:

  • Show the Way
  • Think Team
  • Be responsible, reliable and trustworthy and
  • Model self-control

We also know that they will be like Mary MacKillop who said: “Never see a need without doing something about it”.

Thank you to our student leaders for accepting this new responsibility. We look forward to see the impact they have on the school this year. Good Luck!

Grade School Leaders
Prep B Florence J
Prep H Elyama A
Grade 1J Liam P
Grade 1S Storm J
Grade 2J Sophia P
Grade 2S Jakub D
Grade 3G Mella H
Grade 3P Mery J
Grade 4D Aruor A
Grade 4S Mary N
Grade 5M Zaid B and Emily B
Grade 5S Jake B and Loothar D
Grade 6D Farah N and Chloe D
Grade 6R Imeelya A, Sharon L and Tiffany P

Congratulations also to our 2023 Year 3 to 6 Sports Captains!

Responsibilities of a sports captain:

  • Encourage players to cooperate with each other
  • Display sportsmanship
  • Show respects to all team members, umpires/ referees
  • Make sure everyone helps to set up equipment
  • Check that all equipment has been put away in the correct place
  • Check that the sports equipment tub has been returned and updated on the borrowing chart at the end of each break
  • Encourage healthy food choices
  • Observe during PE lessons, give feedback and choose a student to receive the class reward at the end of the lesson
Grade Sports Captains
Grade 4D Abak T and Yousif Z
Grade 4S Amer M and Sam S
Grade 5M Bhnam A and Alek C
Grade 5S Matty J and Christina S
Grade 6D Josenta S and Gabriel O
Grade 6R Veya Z and Esther A