Visible Learning

Visible Learning is when teachers see learning through the eyes of the student and students see themselves as their own teachers.

How can students be successful learners?

As a school community, all parents, staff and children have discussed the dispositions needed in order for students and teachers to be successful learners.  We decided on the following learning powers for our students:

How can teachers be successful Catholic teachers at Sacred Heart?

As a school community, all parents, staff and children also  discussed the dispositions needed in order for teachers to be successful teachers at our school.  We gathered feedback from our students, parents and teachers and decided on the following values for teachers at our school:

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

In order for students to be successful, at Sacred Heart teachers make learning visible by using learning intentions and success criteria in the classroom.

Learning Intentions clearly state the learning goal and success criteria outlines what the students needs to achieve in order to meet the learning intention. Making this visible to our students enables them to know exactly what their goal is and what they need to do in order to achieve this.

Our Visible Learning targets

Each year we strive to improve visible learning in our school. Our goals include:

  • All teachers, learning support officers and parents, have a common understanding of what an effective learner is
  • All students are able to describe 4-6 of the learning characteristics of an effective learner
  • All children, parents and staff can name and give examples of the attributes of an effective Catholic teacher
  • All teachers receive Feedback based on student learning through classroom observations
  • Student Data and Classroom Observations are used to guide teachers professional development
  • 100% of teachers are using Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to give students daily feedback in Reading, Writing, Maths, Inquiry and Specialists
  • All teachers attempt to give feedback to students with an awareness of the 4 levels of feedback
  • 80% of students can use success criteria to share what they are learning and why
  • 50% or more of students are able to explain their next steps in learning