Assessment and Reporting

At Sacred Heart, learning intentions and success criteria empower students to assess themselves and clarify future goals. Feedback enables students to reflect on their learning to achieve goals. Regular child, parent and teacher discussions provide parents the opportunity to learn the language of school, which has a great effect on student outcomes.


• An outline of what students will be learning is sent home each term.
• Student work samples are sent home each term.
• Formal written reports are sent home at the end of each semester.
• Interviews with parents and students are held three times a year.
• Students in Years Five and Six present digital portfolios to their parents.


• At the beginning and end of the year, each Prep to Year Two student attends an interview with a teacher where individual literacy and numeracy testing is conducted.
• In Years Three to Six, literacy and numeracy data is collected to inform teaching.
• Weekly anecdotal data is collected to inform future teaching.
• Formal testing, including NAPLAN, is also conducted throughout the year to monitor students’ growth.