Harmony Day 2018

28 March 2018 | General Interest

Students proudly performed a range of cultural songs dances and  drama.

Harmony Day was a great success and students had a great time performing their cultural songs, dances and drama to a greater audience. The day was about celebrating our school's cultural diversity and that "Everyone belongs". 
The exhibtion included:
Preps singing ‘Hello to all the Children of the World’ song,
The grade 1s singing a song in English and French,
Grade 2s performing a Vietnamese, Sudanese and Iraq dance,
Grade 3s performing a drama and singing a song in Vietnamese,
Grade 4s performing a Torres Strait Islander and Lebanese dance,
Grade 5s singing a Tagalog song and
Grade 6s performing ‘Absolutely Everybody’ song.
Thanks to the specialist teachers for organising and helping the students with their performances and well done to all students for being brave enough to perform in front of a live audience!

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