2018 School Leaders

24 April 2018 | General Interest

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as school leaders for 2018. At Sacred Heart, we are called to be spirit filled servants, following Jesus, who was the compassion of God. They were blessed by Fr Cooney at Mass on Wednesday 18th April. We know our school leaders will follow Jesus as spirit filled servants as they lead students in our school. 

Our leaders this year are: 

Prep C Lal (William) Mabior
Prep J Nhi Lan Nguyen
1J Mary-Rose Hurmez
1P Christina Crnov
2N Sam Iso
2S Nathan Tran
3A Gavin Tran
3S Mary Daoo
4J Bawi Boi
4S Michel-Agne Durand Deslongrais

Janelle Lawang

Adhar Ring


Sierra Lynch

Roger Louis


Zac Kur

Mary Nguyen


Maryan Shemiss

Adeline Tran

Amadeus Wejak

Check out our leaders for 2018 in the Student Wellbeing section of the website, on the Student Leadership page

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