Grade 5 visit to St Patrick's Cathedral

11 March 2017 | General Interest

On Friday, the 17th of March, it was St Patrick’s Day. 5D, Miss Troiano and Ms Bezzina were invited to attend a special St Patrick’s Mass for students and teachers at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

We left school at 8.45am, we hopped onto the bus and we let the long journey begin. On the bus, there was lots of laughter and excited students. Only one person in the grade had been to St Patrick’s Cathedral, so the rest of us were very excited.

When we got to the St Patrick’s Cathedral, we saw this amazing, beautiful and giant Cathedral. We all went inside and saw lots of stained glass. We got some small booklets which had the songs we had to sing and the responses for the mass. Amber and Tyler had a role in the mass, they had to carry our school banner into the Mass. The Archbishop Denis Hart, came to the front and started the mass. He sang the Sign Of The Cross, and we had to sing Amen back to him. He burned the incense and it gave a strong aroma. There was smoke everywhere. The choir sang some songs that were new to us. T

he mass was very special because there were many different schools there and there was more than one priest. We received the Holy Eucharist and patiently kneeled while waiting for everyone to receive communion. After the mass was over, we went to a stairway to take a photo. We took the picture near a large door and some beautiful stained glass. Tyler and Amber held the Sacred Heart Banner behind us. The bus had arrived so we went inside and that was the end of the excursion.

By Adeline Tran 5D 

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